Professional evaluation


When thinking about how to improve my company, I analyse my sales, my costs, my equipment and my market; but how often do I think about whether my existing staff are the most suitable for the positions they currently hold.

It is quite normal to see people holding a certain position in a company just because of their seniority, because the position is becoming increasingly more specialised and nobody has thought about the change. On the other hand however, there are people with high potential who are not taken advantage of in the organisation, which makes them feel unsatisfied and sometimes results in them changing to another company where they are given the opportunity to use their knowledge or skills more.

If I change my computer, my car, or my telephone every so often, why can't I face up to the fact that one of my co-workers might not be qualified enough to hold their current or future position and should go on a refresher course or that another co-worker's skills are not being used to the full and should be moved?.

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